Vivarium Troubleshooting: The Answer To Every Problem

Vivarium Troubleshooting

Do you need help troubleshooting your vivarium? This page outlines the basics of preventing and solving common issues. Learn how to diagnose problems, identify the type of vivarium, find solutions for common issues, clean and maintain your vivarium, and detect and fix problems. Read through our FAQ section to find answers to your most pressing questions. With this guide, you can easily find solutions to keep your vivarium in optimal condition.

Common Problems

This section on common problems offers an extensive look at topics, ranging from aquariums to terrariums. We give you professional advice on diagnosing, fixing, and maintaining your vivarium to get it back in perfect shape. Find out more about troubleshooting common vivarium problems here.


Are you looking for quick answers to your vivarium questions? This section offers an extensive archive of FAQs that can help you find the best solutions for your vivarium troubles. Find answers to common questions others have asked over time. Learn the essentials of vivarium care with our easy-to-read FAQs.

What do you keep in a vivarium?

A vivarium typically consists of a number of components, including substrate (bedding material such as sand or soil), ornaments (rocks, driftwood, and other decorations), plants, and any other necessary items to maintain the vivarium environment. Depending on the type of animals living in the vivarium, certain items such as heat mats, lights, and food containers may also be needed.

What is the difference between a vivarium and a terrarium?

The main difference between a vivarium and a terrarium is that a vivarium is used to house living animals, whereas a terrarium is primarily used to house plants. Vivariums typically include a heating and cooling system, while terrariums may not. Additionally, while terrariums can often be made with any type of container, the walls of a vivarium need to be quite thick to provide temperature regulation and maintain the correct environment for the animals living inside.

What lives in a vivarium?

A vivarium may house a variety of different living organisms, depending on the type of vivarium and the animals kept inside. Common vivarium inhabitants include reptiles, amphibians, and other small animals, such as turtles, lizards, frogs, and snakes. In some cases, fish, birds, and invertebrates may also be kept in various types f vivariums.

What is a vivarium?

A vivarium is an enclosed area, typically made of glass or other transparent material, used to keep and observe animals, plants, and/or other organisms. Commonly used for reptiles and other animals, vivariums can also be designed to grow plants in a controlled environment.



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