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A resource hub for information on all things biophilia. Explore in-depth archives on specific care requirements for plants, animals, and vivariums.

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A series of projects with plants & animals. Explore an array of step-by-step tutorials of my personal collections.

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A chronicle of journal entries through my failures and successes. This section tracks my progress as I continue to become a better vivarium keeper.

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Bantam.Earth is a place that explores, documents, and shares vivarium creations. Our mission is to make information about vivarium care more accessible and easy to understand for enthusiasts of all levels.

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Learn more about specific types of vivariums! Click on a vivarium that interests you, or find one that you own to learn more about it.
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Browse my complete archive of plants we have written in-depth care guides for…

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Make A Coastal Village Aquatic Cliffside Terrarium
Making A Shinto Kami Jungle Terrarium
Make A Tōrō Lamp Rock Garden Terrarium

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BEHINDtheBUILD paludarium overview chapter 1

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