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Ban·tam (adj.) small, tiny, miniature: A Do-It-Yourself style blog dedicated to the natural habitat of pets and custom enclosures design to mimic their environments.

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Season 1 | “Edens.Bow”: A luscious utopia or a savage wilderness?? VIVUS takes us on a quest thru a miniaturized jungle full of busy inhabitants all fighting for a spot on the top of the food chain.

Edition 1 | “Edens.Bow”: Go behind the scenes as we break down the development of the paludarium Edens.Bow and how it became the home to many of the inhabitants in the cinematic series VIVUS

Do-It-Yourself with Bantam.Earth!Check out our wide variety of tutorials explaining how we build all things pet related. Our DIY archives utilize 3d printing, handcrafts & Arduino programming..