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The Ultimate Vivarium Guide

Vivariums are enclosures where plants and animals are kept and observed, often for research or companionship. They come in a variety of types usually revolving around a specific biotype. The learning section of this website aims to help you develop a better understanding of miniature ecosystems no matter what your experience level is.

Learn About Vivariums

Regardless if you are a seasoned hobbyist looking for new ideas or a complete beginner looking to get started, This complete list of vivarium types is always a great place to start a new adventure. Find in-depth articles about every kind of vivarium we’ve experimented with. From the most common biotypes to unique enclosures tailored to specific plants and animals.

Learn About Animals

Our animal section is immense and ever-growing. Here, you’ll find care guides for everything you’ll need to know to identify, care for, and breed any vivarium pet. No matter how unique the critter, we have the expertise, knowledge, and resources to help you create the perfect home for them.

Learn About Plants

Our detailed plant section is also vast and growing. we cover every type of plant one might consider using for a vivarium. Find extensive care guides for aquatic, non-aquatic & semi-aquatic plants, or just browse through various lists of plants sorted by biotype, species, or care requirements.

Learn About Substrates

Get to the bottom of things with our substrate section. Find a soil that interests you or learn more about any particular type of compost.

Learn About Hardscapes

Check out our complete list of Rocks & Wood. Click on a hardscape that delights you, or look more into driftwood, stone, or bark you might already own.

Learn About Lighting

Here’s everything you need to know about vivarium lighting and much, much more… Never guess your light setup again with these complete guides!

Got A Problem?

Read through the FAQ section to find answers to many common questions, learn how to diagnose problems, clean and maintain the vivarium, and detect and fix issues.

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