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What Is A Bantamarium?

A Bantamarium is an enclosure constructed to portray a miniature scenery while simultaneously housing real plants and animals. Small figurines are used as decoration in aquariums as well as terrariums to create realistic diorama landscapes.

Bantamarium Plants

Many types of plants are suitable for life within a vivarium. When considering plants for a bantamarium, the first hard decision should be if rather or not you will have the ability to care for them properly. Preserved plants are a beginner-friendly way to enjoy a mini world without maintenance. If you are considering inhabitants or ready for a more interactive experience with a bantamarium, check out our in-depth plant index for the best choices:


Will any dirt work for a bantamarium? Well… techniqully yes, but I wouldnt recommend that. Follow our guide below for a list of proven substrates for every type of ecosystem imaginable. We use real world examples with geology to illustrate the difference between gravel, sand, & soil:


Sticks & Stones may break my bones but will it harm my bantamarium? Find out here which types of rocks and woods are best for specific biotypes. We have tested, studied, and compared them all… Browse our findings below:

How-To Make A Bantamarium

Are you ready to take on the quest of world building for yourself? Here lies an archive of tutorials we’ve curated over time. We add to this regularly so be sure to check in every now and then. Dont forget to stop by the shop to get whatever you need to accomplish your vision!

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