Make your own Bantamarium

Make Your Own Mini-Ecosystem

Here lies my collection of unique miniature vivarium builds. These easy-to-follow guides walk you through a series of steps to make a multitude of worlds you can construct on your own. Find a theme that inspires you and let me assist you through the rest. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Make Food For Your Pets

Ever wonder what certain vivarium pets eat? Well, this section does more than just answer that for an array of animals. Explore various guides on the diets and nutritional needs of your caged critters as we make food for them.

More Do-It-Yourself Projects

Are you ready to go beyond the tank with more DIY builds? Here I’ve put together a series of interesting projects you can make for your inhabitants. I warn you though, some of these projects are my most ambitious… They might require coding, outdoor hammering or both!

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