Make your own Bantamarium


Are you ready to make a world of your own? Here are a collection of tutorials and written guides curated for your convenience. Scroll down to see a collection of potential worlds you could make. I’m always around if you need further help!

Making A Bonsai Treehouse Village Terrarium
Making Prehistoric Desert | A Dinosaur Terrarium
Making Jurassic Jungle | A Dinosaur Terrarium
Making A Moon Rock Mountain Paludarium
Making A Mini Upside-Down Fish Tank (Stranger Things)
Making A Semi-Aquatic Inner Cave Scene
Making A Miniature Cave Terrarium
Making An Encanto Themed Terrarium
Make A Mini Shot Glass Aquarium
Make A Coastal Village Aquatic Cliffside Terrarium
Making A Shinto Kami Jungle Terrarium
Make A Tōrō Lamp Rock Garden Terrarium
Making A Traditional Japanese Village Paludarium
Making A Shinto Shrine Aqua Terrarium with a Waterfall
DIY Autumn Terrarium
Using Halloween Terrarium Decor to Make a Graveyard Terrarium
How to make a moss terrarium
Mini Aquascape with moss
Mini Paludarium With Moss

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