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ban·tam (adj.) small, tiny, little, miniature:

Do-It-Yourself vivarium guide dedicated to the understanding of our pet’s native habitat and enclosures design to mimic those environments. Bantam.Earth is all about small life & what that small life considers a home…

We pride ourselves on the idea of miniaturizing the natural habitat of a particular animal and showcasing it in the form of a vivarium. Our DIY approach makes it easy to understand as well as create your very own bio-active enclosure for your pets!

millipede climbing a branch on a paludarium


We started Bantam.Earth with the idea of portraying nature in a unique way. Entire industries revolve around the concept of going somewhere far to appreciate the essence of a self-sustained environment. What if we could recreate something similar, here… Giving our pets an opportunity to thrive in an individualized vivarium…

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Aquariums are one of the most interesting ways to keep a vivarium. The idea of capturing a piece of the aquatic world will forever amaze me. Aquaria give us a front-row seat to the lifestyle of inhabitants far from our reach. Rather than venturing far from our comfortable, dry realm, simply take a stroll through…


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This definitive guide on feather moss (Ptilium crista-castrensis) provides an in-depth look at the vivarium plant… Care tips, how to and propagation advice


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This part of the build was the most exciting for me. The concept of having an interchangeable sky system in my terrarium was terrifying and pioneering at the same time. What I wanted to do hadn’t really been done yet. Not only did I want to automate a realistic day and night setting for Edens.Bow……

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