What Is Bantam.Earth?

Bantam.Earth is a place that explores, documents, and shares vivarium creations. We’ve recently started to combine the idea of adding miniatures to our tiny ecosystems creating something entirely new. We call these types of enclosures, bantamariums. These living dioramas bring a refreshing sense of realism into a variety of different vivaria… including aquariums, terrariums, & paludariums.

CJ from Bantam.Earth


As our understanding of plants and animals expand, the way we care for them will improve. An entire sector of this platform is dedicated to the formal mastery of vivarium keeping. Explore care guides on every aspect of a bantamarium. Hands-on research is given to each and every topic discussed in this resource hub.


When it comes to practical development, no project is too big for consideration. An array of DIY style tutorials are designed to prove the very concept of a bantamarium. This section of Bantam.Earth was created for those who want to participate in the exploration of this newly formed vivarium.


The Bantam Shop is a humble extension to the brand and helps fund the development of Bantamariums. Find everything needed to participate in the creation of your very own living diorama. From anything from signature decorations to the very soil, we use in all of our enclosures.

Things About Me…

My name is CJ, and I am the founder of Bantam.Earth. What started for me as a way to cope with depression has become a newly found passion/business with many moving parts. It’s really hard for me to say what I like most about what I do… On one hand, creating these little worlds is obviously at the top of the list, on the other hand, my first love has always been storytelling and content creation… But if I’m honest, interacting with many of you and assisting you with your ecosystems easily rivals all of that.

CJ from Bantam.Earth

Most of my time here on this planet has been spent learning new things and putting that new info into practice. Prior to world-building, I’ve explored many types of endeavors… From the super techy stuff like web development and graphic design to the more superficial stuff like bodybuilding and even fitness modeling. Even though I enjoyed all of those things and stuck with many of them up to a mastery level, it has always felt like some aspect of me wasn’t being fully fulfilled.

You don’t pick your passion, it picks you!

-CJ from Bantam.Earth

I can’t remember when exactly I heard that quote but it has always stuck with me. It takes time to figure out what that passion might be, and my attitude toward trying new things has been the drive and determination that eventually lead to the manifestation of Bantam.Earth. I have devoted the past decade to understanding and mastering the vivarium niche in particular.

After spending countless years comprehending life within an enclosure, I’ve managed to combine all of my skillsets into the development of something new… The art of making miniature worlds! If I’m completely honest, I have no idea where this is taking me… but I am loving every bit of the journey!

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