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A hardscape is a foundational element within a vivarium that acts as a structure for the overall design-build. The material that makes up the section typically consists of either rock or wood. The process of hardscaping an enclosure is usually with the intent to decorate but can have a tremendous impact on the environment, whether for better or worse. It should always be the first step in any design to provide a natural and healthy ecosystem. 

When deciding on a hardscape material for a vivarium… Pay close attention to the influence that a particular item will have on the environment. Aim for elements that will supplement ideal water parameters. Furthermore, some elements can be used to buffer others as well to obtain adequate PH or water hardness levels. Browse our complete list to find rocks or wood perfect for your specific terrarium or aquarium setup:

Complete list of aquarium & terrarium safe rocks

Rocks & Stones

A Rockscape is composed of rocks and stones. If the overall design for a vivarium will consist of rockscape materials, it should be established early in the build. Rocks can provide shelter, a place to breed, or an area to bask depending on the inhabitant. In addition, they can also have an influence on water parameters making the water harder or softer depending on the stone. Browse our complete list below to help you find the right rocks for your vivarium:

The Complete List Of Vivarium Wood & Driftwood

Wood, Driftwood, & Bark

A Woodscape will consist of various types of sticks, branches, roots, and/or bark. Many hobbyists refer to wood suitable for vivariums as driftwood. Driftwood will typically have an impact on the environment where water parameters will lower in terms of pH and make it soft. The utilization of wood in an enclosure is a natural way to counter alkaline-based stones that may raise water conditions in freshwater setups. Browse our complete list below to help you find the right wood for your vivarium:

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