Vivarium Troubleshooting: The Answer To Every Problem

Vivarium Troubleshooting

Do you need help troubleshooting your vivarium? This page outlines the basics of preventing and solving common issues. Learn how to diagnose problems, identify the type of vivarium, find solutions for common issues, clean and maintain your vivarium, and detect and fix problems. Read through our FAQ section to find answers to your most pressing questions. With this guide, you can easily find solutions to keep your vivarium in optimal condition.

Common Problems

This section on common problems offers an extensive look at topics, ranging from aquariums to terrariums. We give you professional advice on diagnosing, fixing, and maintaining your vivarium to get it back in perfect shape. Find out more about troubleshooting common vivarium problems here.


Are you looking for quick answers to your vivarium questions? This section offers an extensive archive of FAQs that can help you find the best solutions for your vivarium troubles. Find answers to common questions others have asked over time. Learn the essentials of vivarium care with our easy-to-read FAQs.

How do you plant plants in riparium?

When planting, anchor the roots of the plants in the soil and make sure they receive enough water. Once growing, don‘t let the water level drop too low. Trim plants as necessary to maintain the desired shape of your riparium.

What plants are good for a riparium?

Here’s a list of the best types of riparium plants:

  • Bacopa monnieri
  • Hydrocotyle verna
  • Anubias nana
  • Ammania senegalensis
  • Alternanthera reineckii
  • Bacopa caroliniana
  • Cryptocoryne wendtii
  • Hygrophila corymbosa
  • Ludwigia repens
  • Crinum natans



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