ARIUM; A place associated with a specified thing; An enclosed container:

The ARIUM section of Bantam.Earth explores the many types of vivariums popular today. Each type of enclosure is a unique artificial environment. The purpose of each vivarium is unique. Some display specific plants and terrain while others house animals. Therefore, each type requires specialized care and practices. 


What’s the Difference Between A Vivarium & A Terrarium?

The key difference between a vivarium and terrarium is simple. One has an established animal enclosed, and one does not. As a result, adding an inhabitant to a terrarium changes the enclosure to a vivarium.

It’s easy to mix up the two terms. Many fail to realize how different the environments can actually be. So, the words can be broken down into two parts, therefore making it easier to identify the type of enclosure you wish to build.

  • Vivariums or Vivaria – “viva,” stemming from the Latin word “vivere,” means “to live.” As we established earlier, “arium” means “enclosed container.” Understanding the root words makes it easier to distinguish moving forward.
  • Terrariums or Terraria – “terra,” meaning “land,” would more than likely be a vivarium that only houses plants, like a small greenhouse. So, “terrarium” translates to “an enclosed container of land!”

More About Terraria

The very first terrarium was conceived by accident. In the early 20th century, an English surgeon buried a cocoon in a jar of soil for observation. He began to lose interest in the cocoon when he noticed plants beginning to spawn from the moist soil. As a result, terrariums grew in popularity.

Terrariums have become extremely popular recently. With many realizing the simplicity in growing a micro-garden, some have taken to the idea of terrariums as a relaxing leisure activity while others use it as an educational project.

 Learn more about terrariums down below. Scroll further down to explore the many types of vivariums popular among enthusiasts today!

Types Of Vivaria:

Vivariums come in a variety of styles. Common enclosures like Aquariums or Terrariums are usually the first to come to mind when you think of at-home pet and plant enclosures.

Here are a few types of vivariums for which I am building an archive. Feel free to request a vivarium that has yet to be added to the collection or suggest edits here: