Roach Food

Get ready for an all-in-one Roach Food Guide! Roaches are one of the most common pests in the world, but many keep them as they make great feeder insects for larger animals.

If you are one of those keepers who want to keep roaches, it’s important to know what to feed them and how to do it.

In this guide, we’ll cover what roaches eat, what to buy for their food, and how to make your own roach food.

We will also so cover some common mistakes to avoid.

With the help of this guide and a bit of patience, you’ll be on your way to mastering the craft of feeding roaches.

So let’s get started!

What Do Roachs Eat?

In the wild, roaches are omnivorous, meaning they eat both plants and animals.

They can feed on dead organic matter, such as leaves or dead insects, as well as on living plants and animals.

Roaches will also feed on fruits, vegetables, and grains. They’re particularly attracted to sugary foods, like honey, syrup, and sugar water.

Roaches can also consume other insects, like worms, millipedes, and spiders.

In general, roaches are scavengers, so they’ll eat almost anything they come across.

Buy Roach Food

When it comes to buying food for roaches, there are a few options.

You can purchase pre-made roach food from pet stores or online retailers, which is usually the easiest option.

However, these can be more expensive than making your own. So it’s up to you to decide between convenience and budget.

When To Feed Roachs

When feeding roaches, it’s important to be consistent.

Roaches are nocturnal, so they feed most actively at night.

It’s best to place the food in a spot where the roaches can find it easily in the dark.

The food should also be placed in the same spot each time since roaches will return to the same spot once they find it.

Roaches also need a constant food supply, so it’s essential to replenish the food every few days.

Finally, make sure to remove any leftover or uneaten food to prevent mold or bacteria from growing.

Common Mistakes 

One of the most common mistakes when it comes to feeding roaches is not providing them with a varied diet.

Roaches need a variety of foods to stay healthy, and if they aren’t getting enough nutrients they won’t be very beneficial to the larger animals you are feeding them to.

To make sure your roaches are getting all the nutrients they need, make sure to provide them with a variety of food sources.

Another mistake people make when feeding roaches is not paying attention to the expiration date on the food.

Roach food can go bad quickly, so make sure to read the expiration date and replace it when it’s close to expiring.

Finally, it’s important to keep roach food in an airtight container.

Roaches are attracted to food that is not kept in a secure container, so be sure to store your roach food in an airtight container to avoid encouraging them to want to leave their enclosure.


We hope this guide has equipped you with the knowledge and resources to feed your roaches correctly.

In addition to providing roaches with the right food, it’s vital to ensure they have a clean and safe environment to live in.

Remember, by taking the time to understand their needs and provide them with the best care, you can keep your home free of roaches for good.

Frequently Asked Questions

Roaches are omnivorous and highly adaptive scavengers, so they can survive on various food sources.

However, they prefer high-protein foods like meats, fish, pet food, or even cheese.

When there is no food, roaches will still scavenge and can survive on a wide range of materials, from wallpaper paste to book bindings.

They also may feed on nonfood items such as cardboard, cloth, or paper.

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