Dubia Roach Food

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In this guide, we’ll be discussing the basics of feeding dubia roaches, including what to feed them, what food to buy, and how to make your own dubia roach food.

We’ll also discuss common mistakes to avoid when feeding your dubia roaches.

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What Do Dubia Roaches Eat?

Dubia roaches are an omnivorous species, meaning they will eat just about any organic matter they can get their claws on.

In the wild, dubia roaches feed on decaying plant matter, as well as dead insects and other decaying small animals.

They are also known to consume rotting fruit.

Dubia roaches are opportunistic feeders, meaning they will take advantage of any food sources that are available.

This means that in the wild, the dubia roach’s diet is constantly changing.

They are also able to go long periods of time without food and can survive on very little food.

This is why it is important to ensure that you provide your dubia roaches with a variety of food sources.

Buy Dubia Roach Food

If you’re looking to buy dubia roach food, you’ll have a few different options.

The most common type of dubia roach food is powdered food that is specially formulated for roaches.

This type of food is usually high in protein, calcium, and other essential vitamins and minerals that dubia roaches need to thrive.

You can buy dubia roach food from pet stores, online retailers, and even some hardware stores.

Additionally, some reptile specialty stores may also carry dubia roach food.

Before buying, make sure to read the label to ensure that the food is specifically designed for roaches.

When To Feed Dubia Roaches

Dubia roaches should be fed once a day, and the amount of food you give them should be based on the size of the colony.

A good rule of thumb is to provide enough food for them to eat in one day, but not so much that it will spoil before they can eat it all.

If you have a large colony, it can be helpful to feed them in multiple areas so they can spread out and avoid competition for food.

The best time to feed your dubia roaches is during the evening when they are most active. 

It is also important to note that their food will expire and must be replaced every few weeks.

Therefore, it is important to monitor the amount of food that is being consumed and replenish it as necessary.

If you find that the food is not being consumed, it may be necessary to reduce the amount of food being provided or to switch to a different type of food.

Common Mistakes 

One of the most common mistakes made when feeding dubia roaches is not providing enough food.

Dubia roaches need to be fed daily, and if they don’t have enough food, they may go searching for other sources of food, such as each other.

Another mistake is providing too much food.

Dubia roaches may not consume all the food given to them if there’s too much. This could not only lead to issues with mold but also attract ants.

It is also important to provide the right type of food.

Dubia roaches need a balanced diet of both proteins and carbohydrates.

Protein sources should include things like fish flakes, cricket chow, and mealworms.

Carbohydrate sources should include things like oats, apples, carrots, and other fruits and vegetables.

Finally, make sure to provide enough fresh water for your dubia roaches.

Water should be changed daily and made available in a shallow bowl.


As you can see, feeding dubia roaches is relatively straightforward and there are a number of options available to you.

Whether you choose to buy dubia roach food, make your own, or feed them a combination of the two, your roaches will be happy and healthy.

By following the tips outlined in this article, you can ensure your dubia roaches are well-fed and taken care of.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dubia roaches are omnivorous and can eat a variety of things, including fruits, vegetables, grains, and protein sources like dog food or fish flakes.


Dubia roaches should not be fed sugary or high-fat foods, as well as anything that is moldy or spoiled.

They should also not be fed anything that has been treated with pesticides or herbicides.

To gut load dubia roaches, you can feed them with nutritious fruits and vegetables such as carrots, apples, and leafy greens, as well as high-quality dry dog food or fish flakes.


Dubia roaches can typically survive for several weeks without food, depending on the conditions they are kept in.

However, it is not recommended to keep them without food for an extended period of time as it can lead to health issues and decreased breeding success.


Yes, dubia roaches need access to water to survive.

They can get their moisture from fresh fruits and vegetables, a water gel product, or a shallow dish of water crystals or plain water.


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