Vivarium plants are flora that adapts to life in an enclosed container. Once established, these plants will thrive in this controlled environment. These types of plants are often nontoxic and suitable for other inhabitants to share space with. Browse our growing list to find vivarium plants perfect for your specific terrarium or aquarium setup:

Vivarium Moss

Mosses & Moss-Like Plants

Mosses are essential to every kind of enclosure. These types of vivarium plants help bridge the gap between foreground vegetation and hardscape pieces. When deciding on carpeting plants like moss, choose flora that not only shares similar requirements to the rest of the plants… But also blend the general theme of the tank together nicely. Browse our bryophyte list below to help you find the right mosses for your vivarium:

Types of miniature fern

Miniature Fern Plants

Ferns can be another key asset to a tank. These types of plants make up the bulk of setup and play a vital role in the creation of density. There is a wide range of ferns that can thrive in just about any type of environment. Consider adding this kind of flora to your enclosure to eliminate empty space and provide additional shelter for shy inhabitants. Browse our polypodiophyta list below to help you find the right ferns for your vivarium:

Climbing & Trailing Plant List (Vine Plants)

Vine Plants

Vines are vivarium plants that climb or trail around the enclosure. These types of plants offer the possibility to vertically scape the vivarium. Adding a vine plant of any type will visually enhance the environment in a very natural way. They will easily latch on to backgrounds and work their way upward or drape off cliffs offering depth to shallow tanks. Browse our list of climbing foliage below to help you find the right vines for your vivarium:

Browse Plants

Water Sprite Plant (Ceratopteris Thalictroides)
Weeping Moss (Vesicularia Ferriei)
Willow Moss (Fontinalis Antipyretica)

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