Overview: The Autonomous Paludarium | “Edens.Bow” | Ch.1

BEHINDtheBUILD paludarium overview chapter 1

I’m really excited to finally show the world this project! It has been several months of trial and error, but this DIY paludarium is finally complete and currently housing over 14 unique species of animals. I would like to present to you.. **drum roll** Edens.Bow!! “Edens.Bow” is a self monitoring, smart, multi-layered Paludarium. When paired […]

Inhabitants: Choosing Paludarium Animals | “Edens.Bow” | Ch.8

BEHINDtheBUILD chapter 8 choosing a paludarium

I have to admit something.. Stocking Edens.Bow with paludarium animals and watching them thrive, has been one of the most entertaining things I’ve done in a while. In the last chapter, we scaped the paludarium with plants. At this point we should be ready to introduce inhabitants to the tank. Building A Mulit-Species Paludarium Before we […]